The Surreal Sculptures Promise:

Surreal Sculptures is not an advocate of violence, particularly violence in regards to sex related topics, unless it is kept in an absolute FANTASY realm. Human beings tend to have a violent disposition. Enough evidence is available to validate this observation, as violence is reflected in societies movies, sports, news, video games, literature and so much more. It’s in the human DNA and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

What Surreal Sculptures attempts to do is to let people who gravitate towards thoughts and feelings, particularly those of a violent sexual nature, a physical forum where these tendencies can be indulged. We do it through our sculptures and figurines. Certain dark fantasies should be kept in the confines and privacy of one’s mind. They’re simply too harsh. Too macabre. Too horrid. At Surreal Sculptures, we try to create these unearthly and grim fantasies into physical objects. Objects that can be held and admired. Perhaps they can even deeply disturb and unhinge as well as captivate.

At Surreal Sculptures, we promise to support and bolster this tenet. However, we strongly urge first time viewers and long time patrons of our work to understand our desire for individuals, regardless of what type of extreme art they are fond of, to keep these thoughts in a fantasy realm and never cross that line if it will offend or injure another life. There’s a time and a place for these violent thoughts and actions. Know them.